SKAG: Continuous development – upgrading of the electrical installations in Kryoneri- Attikis.


SKAG, the 100% Greek company, leaders in the production of stationery, both for School and Office, is dedicated to continuously improving the company. Within the space of 4 months, there was a very successful upgrading of the electrical installations in Kryoneri- Attikis.

In close co-operation with SABO and the highly experienced team of POWER & AUTOMATION, the electrical installations of the whole company were brought up to the legal obligations of HD-384, and in line with and fulfilling the demands of ISO 45001:2015 referring to the health and safety of the employees.

Both the companies are members of “Essentially Greek – Ella-dika Mas” – and co-operated in a very professional and responsible fashion. Once all the surveys were done, they changed many of the electrical switchboards both in the factory and the offices of the company.

The main aim of the exercise was the safety in the use of electricity and reducing the risk factor in the case of a fault, but also in the optimal use of electrical power. So the technicians from SABO removed the old switch boards and replaced them with 43 new switchboards for low voltage (12 from 160A to 630A & 31 from 20A to 80A) which are certified by international institutions.

The CEO of SKAG, Mrs. Popi Skagias said “We are very happy, both to be collaborating with SABO, and also to be upgrading and improving our electrical installations in Kryoneri. SKAG is in step with developments and has to show a sensitivity to Society and also the Environment, by adopting new trends and to offer products and services of high quality. “

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