SKAG’s Corporate Social Responsibility actions!

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In Th. K. SKAGIAS S.A. , we are committed to incorporate responsible and sustainable business practices in all our activities. It is our policy to act responsibly in our daily relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and the local community.
As part of our CSR Strategy, the company acknowledges the importance of engaging with the local community. Our business relies on the local community for our employees and customers, and the local community relies on our business for employment opportunities and for our services.

For this reason, the company demonstrates active community involvement while encouraging and supporting employee participation in activities that contribute to our community.
Specifically, it helps to promote the employability of the local community in which it operates and strives to provide employment and economic opportunities in the local community.

We participate in the following activities:

•  Working, supporting and volunteering with local and national charities/organizations,
•  Employment opportunities for people with disabilities
•  Support for local schools
•  Sponsorships to foundations/organizations, Social Structures for vulnerable groups (Shelter for Children, Hadjipaterio Foundation etc.), Parents’ Associations, Municipalities
•  Donation of equipment to the Voluntary Civil Protection (Kryoneri, Agios Stefanos)

Actions 2022

  • KETHEA, the largest network of rehabilitation and social reintegration services in Greece
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Argyroupoli
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Dionysos
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Penteli
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Aegina
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Halandri
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Ag. Nikolaos
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Konitsa
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi
  • Social Kitchen “The Other Man”
  • Traffic Police Kifissia
  • Municipality of Keratsini – Drapetsona
  • Municipality of Korydallos
  • Municipality of Nafpaktia
  • Social Care of Moschato
  • K.Y.A.A.D.A., Reception & Solidarity Centre of the Municipality of Athens
  • Forest Protection Centre
  • Holy Church of the Pammegiston Taxiarches, Korydallos
  • 1st Special Elementary School of Peristeri
  • TEDx University of Piraeus 2022, University of Piraeus Research Centre
  • Participation in a Pilot Recycling Action of 17 Primary Schools of the “Primary Schools Champions in Recycling” Programme of the Ministry of Environment
  • Design and production of a brochure aimed at the Environmental Awareness of the local community, for the Kryoneri High School
  • ThinkBiz, Student Entrepreneurship Association, Athens University of Economics and Business
  • 6th ELSA Thessaloniki Summer School – European Young Lawyers Association
  • EUROAVIA, international student association, Patras
  • 1st high school of Egaleo, donation of white boards for the upgrading of school infrastructure
  • Elementary School of Polydendri
  • Kindergarten & Elementary School of Agios Efstratios Lesvos
  • Greek American Educational Foundation
  • Charitable organization, “The Hug”
  • Day Care Centre for Adults with Mental Retardation (PEK/Amea)
  • “THEOPHILOS”, support for families with three or more children
  • The Smile of the Child, Charitable organization
  • The Heart of the Child
  • Ark of the World
  • Chatzikyriakeio Foundation for Child Protection
  • Hadjipaterio Foundation for Child Rehabilitation and Support
  • Family Support Centre KESO
  • Kallimanopouleio Foundation for Chronic Diseases
  • Summer Camp of the Greek Guiding Corps
  • Sikyarideio Foundation
  • Hadjikonsta Foundation
  • Thalpos, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit of Attica
  • Non-profit NGO for Social Support of Minors & Adolescents STEGI, Syros
  • PRE.K.K.A., Pre-Departure Detention Centre, Amygdaleza
  • Hellenic Voluntary Support Association, AMKE
  • PEK/AMEA, Piraeus Educational Centre for People with Disabilities
  • Refugee Project Sector CARITAS Athens
  • Ministry of Migration and Asylum
  • ELEPAP, charitable, non-profit association, Agrinio
  • Special Primary School for deaf people
  • EMFASIS Foundation (homeless protection)
  • Regional Development & Mental Health Society
  • “Alma Zois”, Nationwide Association of Women with Breast Cancer
  • Sikyarideio Foundation for the Training of People with Disabilities
  • Georg. & Aik. Hadjikonsta Youth Educational Care
  • Consulate office of Ivory coast
  • Greek Red Cross, humanitarian/ non-governmental organization, Ukraine
  • Municipality of Dropoli & Pogoni, Albania
  • “Flowers of Stone”, revival of the art of stone building, Arcadia
  • Cultural Association of Women of Kryoneri
  • Green Olive Films
  • Green Pixel Productions
  • Barking Well Media
  • Need a Fixer
  • JK Productions
  • Tanweer Production
  • Argonauts Audiovisual Productions S.A.
  • “It gets better” event, Nancy Malerou (life coach)
  • Myli of Thrace (gift exchange between companies, Christmas)
  • METAICHMIO publishing (common action)
  • Tree planting in the Municipality of Dionysos
  • Volunteers of Civil Protection of Kryoneri
  • 4th Primary School of Dionysos
  • Civil Protection Volunteers of Agios Stefanos
  • Voluntary blood donation Establishment of SKAG Blood Bank, 1997
  • Donation to the Dionysos Volunteer Fire Protection Group of a gasoline-powered generator, a telescopic ladder, six portable transceivers, and a vehicle transceiver
  • Hellenic Civil Protection Special Task Force
  • “OUR COUNTRY”, promotion of the modern, entrepreneurial and productive culture of our country.
  • Hellenic Institute of Customer Service, Hellenic Institute of Customer Service, HIS
  • “All Together We Can”, organization that designs and implements actions involving a wide range of areas such as social welfare, environment, health and education
  • College of Athens, Hellenic American Educational Foundation (bazaar)
  • A SKAG team in cooperation with the initiative ELLADIKA MAS, was in Sant-Anna in North Evia and helped clean up burnt properties in order to support the fire-affected residents of North Evia and provide school supplies and stationery to students belonging to the affected families in the Municipality of Mantoudiou – Lake Sant-Anna.
  • Provision of school supplies and stationery to the 1st Primary School of Karlovassi, Samos.

Actions 2021

SKAG as part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has established a Blood Bank. The Blood Bank started in 1997 and continues to this day due to the voluntary efforts of its employees.
The aim of this initiative is to provide real support to employees when needed and to strengthen the culture of volunteerism and contribution to the community.
This ensures the sufficiency and availability of blood units for employees and their family members and consequently to the country’s Health System.

Th.K.SKAGIAS S.A. supports the project “LIVE WITHOUT BULLING”, contributing to its awareness, through the use of the subject notebooks’ internal dividers. The messages and information about the action “LIVE WITHOUT BULLING”, are presented in the spiral subjects notebooks of SKAG with a positive impact, not only for the children but also for the parents and the school community.

Donation of a gasoline-powered generator, a telescopic ladder, six portable transceivers, and a vehicle transceiver.

Donation to the Volunteer Civil Protection Association of Agios Stefanos on 23/2/2021 of a petrol saw.

SKAG won the Bravo Sustainability Award 2021 for the Society Pillar under the initiative: Production of subject notebooks referring to the 17 Global Goals.

The company cooperates with a lot of stakeholders, that actively support local communities across the country, particularly vulnerable groups.

SKAG supports 11 children’s shelters by providing stationery products.

Through the “ELLADIKA MAS” initiative, in collaboration with other companies, SKAG covers the needs of children nationwide in food, school and household items, as well as the repair needs of their homes.

SKAG team provided supplies for the race, held on 11/2021.