Our actions together with the organization “Essentially Greek” (Ella-Dika Mas)

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The “Essentially Greek” (Ella-Dika Mas) initiative was created to serve the promotion, support and promotion of the entrepreneurial and productive dynamics of Greece with extrovert members and modern businesses in the production and processing sector whose main characteristic is Greek ownership.

Despite the adverse economic conditions and business obstacles, the member companies of our “Essentially Greek” (Ella-Dika Mas) initiative insist on maintaining their Greek citizenship and continue to produce and process in Greece, keeping their headquarters, production and ownership purely Greek. The value produced by these businesses is the national wealth of the country in terms of economy and reputation as the production of quality, modern, reliable products, food and goods is the way to redefine Greece in the domestic and global market.

The member companies of the “Essentially Greek” (Ella-Dika Mas) initiative are certified by the Greek Independent Certification Body “Eurocert” which, based on the “Requirements Standard”, evaluates and assigns to the companies the “Essentially Greek” (Ella-Dika Mas) badge, which accompanies their products on the market. The aim of this labeling is for consumers to easily recognize the products and businesses that constitute members of the initiative and to support Greek entrepreneurship.

Our company has been certified with the “Essentially Greek” (Ella-Dika Mas) badge since 2016, meeting the quantitative and qualitative standards required.

A team from SKAG, in collaboration with the “Essentially Greek” (Ella-Dika Mas) initiative was in Agia Anna in Northern Evia and helped to clean burnt properties in the area aiming to provide hands-on support to the fire-affected residents of the area and, also, school supplies and stationery to students belonging to affected families in the Municipality of Mantoudi – Lake Agia Anna.

Through the “Essentially Greek” (Ella-Dika Mas) initiative, together with the other companies, we cover nationwide the needs in food, school and household items for the children of the NGO, as well as covering the repair needs of their buildings.