SKAG ESG Actions

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In Th. K. SKAGIAS S.A., we are committed to incorporate responsible and sustainable business practices in all our activities. It is our policy to act responsibly in our daily relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and the local community.
As part of our Sustainable Development Strategy, the company acknowledges the importance of engaging with the local community. Our business relies on the local community for our employees and customers, and the local community relies on our business for employment opportunities and for our services.
The Company’s philosophy but also primary goal is, through the implementation of Management Systems and in particular Environmental Management, to respect people and the environment by contributing on the creation of a sustainable environment for future generations.
Maintaining a balance between environmental protection, social responsibility and economic success is a fundamental element of SKAG’s corporate culture.
As a result, the company has developed a green policy in order to minimize its environmental impact.

More specifically:

  • 100% management and tracking of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, resulting from the production process and monitoring and evaluation of environmental indicators on an annual basis.
  • We have adopted procedures on Emergency Response Forecasting and 100% Emergency Response Readiness.
  • We have adopted practices for energy and water conservation and prudent and proper use of natural resources.
  • We actively support within the company the recycling and proper management of all waste, by collecting and disposing the waste material (aluminium, paper, wood, plastic, batteries) in recycling sites.
  • The purchase and selection of our basic raw materials is based on sustainability criteria, good management of natural resources and certifications with corresponding criteria. Always caring for the health of our young customers, we are committed to exclude the dangerous chemical cadmium for coloring in PVC plastic and provide 100% certified cadmium-free products. In addition, we are committed to always use raw material, paper and cardboard from FSC Certified companies.
  • We implement preventive maintenance programs for mechanical equipment and replace old technologies with new ones that will reduce further energy losses.
  • Careful adherence to environmental legislation and all relevant industry standards and legislation to which the company fully complies.
  • We upgrade the energy efficiency of the building facilities by installing photovoltaic panels, aiming at 100% electricity generation and reduction of energy costs.
  • We employ ongoing maintenance of the premises and equipment to prevent the risk of environmental damage to water, land, flora and fauna.
  • An energy conservation policy is implemented through good practice, minimizing the use of electricity and oil where possible.
  • The concept of environmental sensitivity and management is part of our core values and is adopted by all our employees, hence we ensure that our staff is continuously trained and educated on Environmental issues.
  • We have adopted the Principles of the Code of Conduct and all our people are responsible and committed to contributing to a safe working environment, promoting ethical working behaviors and operating in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Through our Policy, we aim to comply with all Health & Safety Measures for our employees and mitigate our impact on the environment by working with our stakeholders and personnel to promote responsible environmental practices for continuous improvement.
  • The Company’s commitment is reflected in its Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy. The company is actively involved in the community, carrying out activities and initiatives while encouraging and supporting employees participation in activities that contribute to environmental awareness. Environmental awareness in collaboration with schools in the local community. Support of local voluntary Civil Protection Organizations such as voluntary tree planting in areas affected by forest fires.
  • We are monitoring and researching new environmentally friendly methods, having set as our main goal to reduce our carbon emissions and environmental footprint throughout our operations in the coming years.
  • We implement our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy, we set measurable sustainability targets in our annual Sustainability Report and work systematically to achieve measurable results across all sustainability pillars and United Nations green growth targets.

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