SKAG: Enters a new era with a full rebranding


SKAG enters a New Era and radically renews its identity – the aim of which is to show the wide range of products in its portfolio, offering inspiration, life and colour to our daily moments.

Capitalizing on the 67 years of success, unrivalled know-how, the high quality of its products and services, and also the knowledge of the market and the needs of the contemporary end user, SKAG is completely upgrading its brand image. With a renewed logo, with a fresh minimal aesthetic visual and the new #getinspired philosophy, SKAG introduces the 4 pillars on which the 4 areas of product activity are based. SKAG retains its customer focused philosophy, and organized the entire product portfolio in an understandable and simple fashion and using a #getinspired approach, all the products follow different stages in the life of the consumer, and offer inspiration for Learn, Plan, Create and Play.

And thus, SKAG presents 4 new product category logos:

1. SKAG LEARN: this category includes paper stationery for writing, like for example, exercise books, spiral bound notebooks, pads etc. These products are aimed to help in the learning process, but also to make focusing on goals easier and more enjoyable.

2. SKAG PLAN: This category includes anything that helps us to organize our lives – for example, Lever Arch Files, ring binders, portfolios with elastic bands and numerous other filing choices, both for younger and older pupils, students and also professionals. SKAG promotes the pleasure of planning, by offering products that are aesthetically very pleasing and also practical for everyday use.

3. SKAG Create: This category includes drawing and painting pads, paint brushes, paints, products for handicrafts and helps to inspire creativity and the imagination, along with the need for freedom of expression.

4. SKAG Play: This category includes products related to playing – classic, creative and technological – which free the child’s imagination and inspires them to experiment, learn and at the same time be entertained, because without playing, no journey to inspiration can be complete.

SKAG has also invested in a brand new company website, to reflect the fresh and modern approach of the company. It is easy to navigate, so the consumers can discover the wide range of products, and be inspired for their daily activities. At the same time they will have the opportunity to learn more about SKAG, and the activities that they undertake for Society, People and the Environment, the company philosophy and what the brand represents, from the day that it started through the 67 years that lead us to today, and how it functions as an Employer, a Producer and a Responsible Member of Society.

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