How to organize your room in 6 simple steps

Are you tired of your chaotic room? On your desk, does it happen to you that you can never find what you are looking for easily and every time you look for your favorite pen or pad you feel like you are wandering in the unknown jungle? And all this along with your mom’s “sweet” voice in your head repeating for the hundredth time the phrase “how do you live in this shack”? And yet, as much as you want not to experience all this over again, you get tired of thinking how to solve this riddle, because organizing your space requires you to become a little “space inventor” where spaces don’t exist and if somehow you invent some, later these spaces seize… to exist as you simply don’t remember them. And if the beetle manages to find its food again where it hides it, for you this whole process becomes ultimately frustrating, since you will be looking for something, still not being able to find it!

Don’t worry, we have the solution!

By following 6 simple and easy steps, you can organize your room with creativity and imagination and most importantly, with your own touch of inspiration! And believe it, the more you exercise your creativity and imagination, the more you get inspired for other more subversive concepts of organization, not only in relation to objects but also in relation to your inner thoughts and feelings of other “rooms” of your life.

Read on and become the “organizational guru” for your favorite room!

1. Organize your holiday cards in a desk binder

You complain that you have no more room in your desk drawers, but you know there’s an unused drawer full of old holiday cards, just taking over valuable space? Use office binders or transparent folders to organize them and recall them. You can use your creativity to make it like a birthday album where you keep all the wishes of your loved ones.

2. Organize your small personal items in envelopes with button

You can never find your hair accessories and you always complain about losing them? The PP envelopes with a button are the smartest way to organize such items. Even before opening it, you can see what you have inside, and grasp exactly what you need easily, with just one move. Also, if you store small and bulk-free items, the button envelope remains flat and thus easy to place next to your books or inside the drawers of your desk or closet.

3. Organize your chargers and various small devices (e.g. power banks) in the PVC boxes

Are your chargers always a mess on your desk or scattered around the house? You can store them inside a PVC box, run the wires through the ring on the front side, and connect them to the outlet. In that way, you eliminate the chaos of the wires and most importantly you get to find them easily. In addition, PVC boxes or paper boxes can be used to arrange all those gadgets that are lying around in different parts of the room so to have them all stored in one place. The next time you look for your power bank or your headphones, you’ll know where they are!

4. Organize your clothes with neon plastic clips

Your closet is overflowing with clothes while you keep on wearing only your 3 favorite t-shirts? Do you want to donate some of your outfits, but you don’t know where to start from? You can put a neon clip at the top of each hanger, according to the color and the mood the hanging outfit creates. For instance, you can add a yellow clip on clothes you have decided to give away and a red one on those you keep on wearing all the time. So in a short time, you’ll know exactly where to look and how to find everything easily.

5. Organize your accessories in boxes

Are your accessories (scarves, ties, belts etc.) scattered around the “jungle” of your room and you never find anything? It’s time to arrange them in boxes and store them at the bottom of your closet or under your bed. This is an ideal way for organizing your shoes, especially summer shoes that require smaller space, as well as slippers or flip-flops.

6. Show love to your notes

We left the easier tip for last: scattered papers with notes can easily be organized, once and for all, by using a wide variety of folders and pockets. This way you’ll bring order to the chaos, not only in your room but also in your mind. Your peace of mind is important to feel more relaxed when the exams start.

Finally, something important that adds value to each of the ways we suggest above are the labels. They are your own canvas to express your thoughts, in your own way. Every envelope, box or case that you use to organize your items, may bring the poet out of you. Write the most inspirational motto that you would like to go with the particular item. For example, in the notes of the most challenging lesson, label “You will rock” and on your workout box write “Sweat is just your fat crying“.

Labels are also effective to convey a message to those uninvited guests, the ones who are snooping around your room longer than they should, making them … think twice “Enter at your own risk“!

Begin with all these and you will discover that you can make your room, not only more functional but also your ultimate very own place of inspiration. Because spontaneity and organization go well together. And when this happens, it’s just wonderful!