First we do our homework – then everything else

In co-operation with SKAG

Children need to be able to use their imagination, they need creativity, colour, joy, energy and movement in their everyday lives. Learning and studying cannot be separated from those needs. With the right planning, and also through playing, the child can find its own inner motivation for learning! When a child comes home from school it is already tired. If they have had to use additional energy to balance the difficulties they have to face, by, for example, sitting at their desk, with their back straight and their feet on the ground or copying from the blackboard, their physical energy is already diminished and their concentration span is less. So they need a way to replenish their energy. Beyond food, the best and most effective way for them to regain their energy is…..

Playing. It can be a game that entails the use of the whole body. Basketball, football, skipping, pillow fights and no end of games which are physically active. As their bodies move, their stress hormones – cortisol and adrenalin – are dispersed naturally and it allows them to calm down and relax. At the same time they can play games, which get their imagination going and frees them from the confines of “square” thinking.


At the same time it is important for a child to have….
• A special place for them to study
• Quiet and no screens or other distractions
• Everything they need to study close at hand, like:

– Their textbooks
– Their exercise books or notebooks, depending on their age and the lesson
– Writing equipment – pens, pencils and other writing materials which are colourful and cheerful, so they are inspired to use them.

• A tidy organized office: their papers and photocopies need to be in a file or a ring binder and only what they need should be on their desk, with a separate section for each different lesson, their writing instruments should be in a pencil case so that their work space is clutter free.

• Most importantly one should bear in mind that a child who is 6-8 years old, has an attention span of about 15-20 minutes, whereas a child of 9-12 years old has an attention span of 22-35 minutes. Therefore in both cases, they need to find it interesting and within the range of their abilities. (Concentration issues: home and school support, 2022)

Classic Blue and coloured exercise book, SKAG


As we said before, playing and creativity are important parts of the child’s daily routine. After doing homework, the child can do something relaxing, like drawing, collage or handicrafts, so they can exercise their brains and offload anxiety and negative thought.

A few words about the company

SKAG has been in the business of producing and manufacturing stationery products, both for school and office, in Greece for the past 67 years. They have received many awards for quality and the way the products are manufactured. Also SKAG imports and distributes a wide range of toys for all ages including classical much loved games which help the physical, mental and emotional development of children.

SKAG is in a new era and has undertaken a massive rebranding project, which now has 4 categories: SKAG Learn, SKAG Plan, SKAG Create and SKAG Play to strengthen the creativity and imagination of the children.

You can learn more about the company, the new company identity and also our products at www.skag.gr.