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SKAG has been active for 67 years in the Greek market in the industry of stationery and office organization items, such as notebooks, drawing blocks, school & office binders, cases and organization boxes and many other products. Moreover, SKAG exclusively imports and distributes a wide range of toys for all ages and preferences ranging from classic toys, such as stuffed animals and board games to educational toys that support children’s physical, emotional and mental development as well as technological accessories and gadgets.

The great history of the company hides behind every single SKAG product. A story that begins in 1956 in Athens by Theodoros Skagias, when he decided to make his dream come true: to create high quality products necessary for the journey of knowledge that, at the same time, leverage inspiration and creativity.

In the very first drawing on a block, in the first letter of the alphabet that will be formed correctly in a notebook, in the first thought that will be written in a notebook, at the beginning of every effort but also in its continuation, SKAG with its timeless presence is always there acting as a vehicle for learning, organization, planning, creative expression and play.

At Α Glance
    • Th. C. SKAGIAS SA priority is the continuous renewal of its equipment, using the latest, most contemporary and safest technology while manufacturing durable and safe products for end consumers. The certifications of our production process according to ISO 9001 ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ETHOS, and SEDEX, SUSTAINABLE COMPANY prove our company’s commitment to quality.
    • SKAG is committed to the sustainability of its products and constantly moves in this direction having acquired recognition and certifications that acknowledge its practices. In particular, the company is committed to implementing best practices in the field of sustainability and regularly reviewing its performance, identifying and evaluating the expectations of the Company's various key players, such as shareholders and the financial community, employees, customers, partners, suppliers, local communities and the society as whole. It is also committed to operating based on its core values, at all stages of its operation, respecting human rights, environmental protection, health and safety of workers and consumers, proper energy management, implementation of equal opportunities and respect for diversity, among others.
    • SKAG has been awarded both in Greece and abroad and has received several quality and sustainability awards such as: a. ΙΙΙ Europe Award b. International Victory Award c. Mercury Award d. European Gold Star for Quality e. Printing Awards
  • 100% GREEK
    • Our company is 100% Greek as our production takes place solely in Greece and we insist on this despite the adverse economic conditions at times. We also stay loyal to our traditional production practices while supporting them with the use of new technologies and machinery as we believe that this way, we can ensure the high quality of our products. SKAG proudly supports Greek production and the Greek economy. Our future and the future of new generations deserve it. In addition, we remain a family business not only because the ownership and management of the company belongs to the Skagia family but also because our people are literally members of our family, the big SKAG family.
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Our vision & philosophy


At SKAG we dream of a world where each person’s path to knowledge can be a pleasant, full of surprises and rich in emotions journey.

Our vision is that the acquisition of knowledge is not treated as a tedious process but as an exciting experience that remains rich in meaning and value for people.

Our mission is to inspire each person to happily live their own different journey to knowledge, and to bring out the best side of themselves in each moment.


SKAG’s mission is to design and develop products that promote the experience of learning, easy and pleasant goal setting, that motivate and inspire people to organize & plan to live their own different journey to knowledge happily.

All products are produced from the best raw materials, with the highest quality and safety standards and always with absolute respect for people and the environment.

Responding to the needs of the modern era, SKAG continues to innovate, constantly investing in new technologies, discovering new ways that help people turn their ideas into achievements in their personal and professional lives.

Today SKAG holds a leading position in the market and enjoys the love and appreciation of consumers and professionals while having a presence in more than 35 countries.




For any other complaint, violation, illegal or unethical practice or event contrary to SKAG’s Policies and Code of Conduct, please do not hesitate to inform us at the following email privacy@skag.gr.