Action-aid in 2 Primary Schools in Samos island

SKAG addressed the needs and shortages of the schools in educational equipment, stationery and archiving supplies.

SKAG, once again demonstrated its commitment to People and Society by covering, through its collaboration with “ELLA-DIKA MAS”, the needs and shortages of two (2) elementary schools on the island of Samos.

Shortly before Christmas, on Monday 19th, the representative of SKAG visited the two schools on the island, the elementry school at Vathy and the 1st new elementary school at Karlovasi (known as Porfyriada), to bring smiles to the young students. Specifically, SKAG donated educational equipment of the latest technology, such as interactive boards, computers and projectors, which will significantly improve the educational process on a daily basis, as well as stationery and archiving products, in order to cover the significant shortages of both school units. It is worth mentioning that both schools on the island of Samos had suffered great damages after the earthquake in 2020, with Vathy Elementary School temporarily operating in container boxes.

The Chief Financial Officer of SKAG, Mr. Thodoris Skagias, the grandson of the company’s founder and a 3rd generation executive, who represented the company in this particular action, stated: “All of us at SKAG always seek to be next to people in need, by offering with all the means we have, the necessary aid that will improve their quality of life. And this need is multiplied when it comes to children, who are our future. The two schools on the island of Samos have greatly suffered by the earthquake in 2020 and the least we could do, is to stand by their side and assist them in their efforts for recovery. Therefore we are particularly delighted that through our collaboration with “ELLA-DIKA-MAS” initiative, we found ourselves in Samos island and contributed in making the education of a generation of students better and more productive, a generation that is in great need of us and will surely make us proud in the future.”

During his visit, Mr. Skagias, together with the Mayor of Karlovasi, Mr. Alexandros Lyberis and the representatives of the local authorities, had the opportunity to speak to the children and their teachers, as well as the School Principals and the Presidents of the Parents Association.