SKAG is recognized as "SUSTAINABLE COMPANY 2023", by the QualityNet Foundation, meeting the criteria of the Greek Sustainability Code

SKAG, a 100% Greek company, leader in the production of stationery and archiving products in Greece, was certified in 2023 by the QualityNet Foundation as a Sustainable Company at European level.

SKAG’s commitment to sustainable development was assessed based on the annual evaluation of its business performance across the ESG criteria related to Environment, Society and Governance. SKAG joined Sustainable Companies with the main criteria being the Sustainable Development & Responsible Business policies it adopts, the procedures and systems that certify its responsible operation, as well as the continuous monitoring of the impact of its business activity.

In fact, the company’s certification came in the wake of its inclusion in the Greek Sustainability Code.

SKAG’s Commercial Director, Poppy Skagia, stated: «With the aim of continuously improving our environmental performance and reducing our environmental footprint, we adopt sustainable practices that meet European and global standards. SKAG’s certification as a Sustainable Company, most importantly at a European level, makes us particularly proud and comes to verify the consistency with which we have been systematically improving our actions over the last 10 years. It is our intention to continue to invest in environmentally sound management systems, inspiring other companies to join us in this effort with optimism. We believe that pursuing prosperity responsibly is everyone’s business».