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Notebooks Classics

All great ideas and great experiences once started from a piece of paper!
From a blue notebook or notepad… at school, at home or at school… anywhere!
Our notebooks for 60 years embrace and give form to ideas, feelings, experiences, communication! It is not only an ally in learning and knowledge but also the canvas to express what you think and feel!

The canvas for your own, everyday sources of inspiration!

Classic notebooks blue & colored or with drawings, with the innovation of the side passing label that does not get lost or torn. In this category you will find different types of notebooks intended for all school needs, regardless of class or subject.
– Cover made of biodegradable and naturally recyclable plastic, without cadmium
– Does not contain chemicals
– Paper from cultivated controlled forests by FSC
certified firm – 80 gr paper so that it does not tear easily when writing or erasing (write and erase as much as you want because it does not tear – 80gr)

The hallmark of the school years for many generations, accompanying every learning and creative experience