Choose a colour for your document
and file storage box!


Storage boxes for your documents in paper or plastic, with snaps or elastic bands to organize your office and your work in a creative and colourful way following your personal style.

Your space gets your own touch of inspiration!

Our smart magazine boxes in 5 fancy and classic colours and designs, with a 9cm spine, are made of hard, durable cardboard, ideal for use on your desk and, also, quite easy to assemble. The Fiber boxes with rubber are made of recycled FIBER type cardboard, they come in 4 colours and sizes (spine thickness 3, 5, 8 & 12cm) and are ideal for storing and organizing documents.
The hard plastic boxes are made of thick cardboard and reinforced with plastic lining lined with plastic for greater durability. They are available with elastic bands, loop or clasp in 5 classic and 5 fancy colours.