Choose a colour for your file folder!

File Folders

Organize your documents and files to help you easily find what you are looking for! SKAG file folders are made from plastic or paper and, depending on the type, come in a variety of colours and feature different types of closing.

Because every moment, no matter how procedural, can become creative!

The paper files folders are made of durable laminated cardboard or original PRESPAN, are size 25x35cm for A4 documents and close with no closing accessory or with an elastic band and, there are also product codes with internal flaps for a better retention of the documents. This category also includes file folders, with or without elastic bands. The plastic file folders are coloured, transparent or not and the clipboards are available with or without closing lid.
The file cases are made of biodegradable polypropylene and, depending on product type, they have the following characteristics: with metal file holders for writing sheets with holes, inserts, laminated double sheets, expandable, with compartments or featuring a closing button, while there are also plastic transparent gelatin sleeves.